by Cai Yiping

Marilee Karl
Guest Editor

Inseparable: The Crucial Role of Women in Food Security Revisited
by Marilee Karl

Hunger in the United States
by Denise O'Brien

Stories of Survival at the Margins of Manila
by Nina Somera

The Fading Food of Indigenous Peoples
by Eleanor P. Dictaan-Bang-oa

When Women are Badly Bruised by the Bubble
by Reihana Mohideen

Curing the Crisis in the Crevices of the Communities
by Nina Somera

Biofuels: False Solution, Disastrous Consequences
by Elenita C. Dano

Mired in Mathare
by Edra Mbatha Kavati

Creative Responses to the Crisis

ATP is Planting Armenia's Future
by Anahit Gharibyan

Secret Gardens of South Africa
by Bernadette Muthien

Learning the Coffee Crunch in Nicaragua
by Magda Lanuza

Pursuing Organic Farming in Cambodia
by Kong Sokchhoin

Fisherwomen in Kerala Fight Back
by Oamjie John

A Case for Cassava in East Nusa Tenggara
by Nuruddin

When Survival of the Self is the Survival of Others
by Ryoko Tsuboi

Bracing the Burdens of Bulan
by Mela Gipanao

Behind the Semblance of Abundance
by Nina Somera

Productivity in Peace, Diversity in Dialogue
by Tran Thi Lanh

Stories of Survival at the Margins of Manila
by Nina Somera

Rescuing the Pacha Mama (Mother Earth)
by Maria Eugenia Chavez

The Gift Economy
by Genevieve Vaughan

Bound Up: Women and Alternative Agriculture
by Montawadee Krutmechai and Varatorn Keawtankam

wia cover

Accessing and Accounting ASEAN
by Esther Penunia

The Secrets of Feeding China
Interview with Cai Yiping

The Orthodox Account of the Food Price Crisis: A Critique
by Walden Bello

Alternative Airwaves for Agriculture
by Nina Somera

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