Understanding Asian Women in Migration:
Towards a Theoretical Framework p8
by May-an Villalba

Domestic Workers in Transient Overseas
Employment: Who Benefits? Who Profits? p24
by Noeleen Heyzer and Vivienne Wee

Returned Women Domestics: What's in Store for Them? p28
by Anabee Concepcion

Future Action in the Interest of Foreign Women Domestic Workers p31

Nairobi Forward-Looking Strategies on Migrant Women p33

Migrant Workers and the ILO p34


Military Occupation and Prostitution Tourism in Asia p35
by Tono Haruhi

Mail Order Brides in Australia p37
by Kathleen Maltzahn and Chat Garcia

Traffic in Women to Japan p41
by Taukamoto Yumi
(translation by Martha Ono)

Outrageous Victimization of Female Laborers and Tribals p43
by Yvonne Lin Mei-jung

From Dok Kam Tai Girls to Bangkok Masseuses p45
by Pasuk Phongpaichit

The Plight of Women Entertainers in Japan p48
by Carmelita G. Nuqui

The Impact of Turkish Women's Migration to Europe p53
by Ayse Kudat

When Women Have to Sell their Bodies: Migrant Workers in Abidjan p56
by Andre Jacques

Internal Migration in Peru p58
by Christina Jones

Empowering Women Workers in Australian Industry p60
by Sevgi Kilic


Thai Women's Voices p66

Growing Up in the United States p67
by Luz Martinez

Wanita's Story p70



SOLWODI in Germany p71
by Marion Feuerstein and Antje Bertenrath

A Shelter for Filipino Migrant Women p73
by Charito Basa

NOIVMWC in Canada p74
by Carmencita R. Hernandez

The House of Hope in Vieux-Molenbeek, Brussels, Belgium p75
by Loredana Marchi

WICH in Australia p76
by Sevgi Kilic

BABAYLAN - Networking of Filipinas in Europe p77


Philippines, Colombia, and Costa Rica/Paraguay p78

Laos, Nepal and Sri Lanka p80

Thailand, Malaysia and Taiwan p82

Canada, Hong Kong and Australia p84

Women In Action covers a broad range of issues affecting women globally, but focusing on the particular needs and concerns of women in the Global South, and forwarding a progressive perspective tempered by the experiences of the third world women's movements.

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