Women and Feminism

Women's Media Network formed p5

Current Developments in Feminism p9
by Nandita Gandhi and Vasantha Kannabiran

Feminism, Women's Movements and
Mass Movements p10
by Gail Omvedt

Asian Tradition of Feminist Activism p13
by Kamla Bhasin and Nighat Said Khan

"Feminism" in Eastern Europe p14
by Lisa Mulholland

Yugoslav Feminists found Newspaper p15
by Natalie Nenandic

Empowered Women

For Women--and Revolution! p16
by Barbara Rogers

WIDE prepares for
1995 UN Conference on Women p17

Women's Agenda p18

Solidarity Message p19

Women and Health

Women and Family Planning in Indonesia
Where are the Women's Voices? p20
by Elizabeth Thomas

Singapore hosts Industrialization and Women's
Health Regional Workshop
by Dominga Anosan and Eliz Reyes Martinez

Australian Speakout p24

Women Workers

Convention Protects Women Migrant Workers p25

On Prostitution and Third World Women p27



A Call to Action

Peru: Maria Elena Moyano p28

Kenya: Wangari Maathai p29

Pakistan: Khursheed Begum and Veena Hayat p30

Ireland: 14-year old Rape Victim Teenage p31

Pregnancies p32

Regular Features

Conferences p33
Networks p38
Resources p41
Isis Currents p46

Women In Action covers a broad range of issues affecting women globally, but focusing on the particular needs and concerns of women in the Global South, and forwarding a progressive perspective tempered by the experiences of the third world women's movements.

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