Guide to establishing community radios in Lao PDR

This handy brochure (50 pages) guides step by step through the process of establishing community radio station. With many tips and recommendations, it is useful not just for Lao PDR but for anyone who wants to start community radio.

Khoun Community Radio for Development was established in 2007 as a pilot project with the support of UNDP and the Ministry of Information and Culture. The first community radio station in Laos has stimulated the interest of other regions to set up a similar community radio.

This guide draws lessons from the experience of Khoun Community Radio and other radio stations around the globe operating under similar circumstances. It contains tips, recommendations, exercises, examples and testimonies of broadcasters, listeners and government officials. There is no one particular or correct method of setting up community radio; each and every community needs to find its own method to organize their community radio, depending on the local situation, the people who live there and the financial resources available. This guide can serve as an instrument to find your own kind of community radio.

Download the Draft Guide as pdf file

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