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we! provides the latest information on the issues, campaigns, conferences, training opportunities, funding possibilities and other goings-on in the women's movement. It also provides updates on national, regional and international events organised by NGOs, government bodies and multilateral agencies that impact women.

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December 2009 Year-ender issue

Way Forward to COP 16
Population control in COP 15: Thankfully ignored in a derailed process
Climate change refugees: Unpromising and compromised exodus
Beneath and Beyond the Skyscrapers: Women, Cities and Climate Change
Women discouraged by COP outcome – but committed to hope and action for 2010
Statement of the Women and Gender Constituency at the Closing Plenary of COP 15
COP 15: When there are no people, how can there be women?
COP 15: Good Chances for Gender Text but Still Bad for the People
From the Bella Centre to the Bars and the Streets
People at COP 15: Reclaiming Power
Finland: Still the Gender Champion
Women in a Weary World: Climate Change and Women in the Global South
The Story of Cap & Trade: Why you can’t solve a problem with the thinking that created it

September 2009, double issue

A Testy Toast: Patricia Licuanan on AP NGO Forum on Beijing + 15
Australia and Beijing + 15: Innovating Tested Ways, Articulating New Politics
Pakistan strengthens national and SA stance on Beijing + 15
Not to be Gagged: Philippine Process on Beijing + 15
Kathmandu Declaration
Forthcoming: Women in Action on Maximum Intolerance, Mounting Resistance
More Perils than Prospects in Persistent Politics: An Interview with Noam Chomsky

August 2009, Double Issue

Gains and Gaps in the Philippine Magna Carta of Women
Nepal: Taiming the Political Tide for Beijing+15
Iran in Taraneh: Rape in Prisons
Aung San Suu Kyi Verdict: Not Surprisingly but Certainly Painful
After Medical Gains in HIV, Time to Cure Social Inequities
AMARC Commences Second Phase of Community Radio Management and Advanced Radio Production Training for the Self-Employed Women's Association (SEWA), India

July 2009, Issue 2

A Leader Even in Death: Philippine First Woman
More Grounds to be Gained: Sexual Harassment Policies in Bangladesh
Feminist Approach to Sex Birth Ratio in China
Women Laud Rashida Manjoo as new UN VAW Special Rapporteur
Solomon Islands Parliament strides toward gender equality in sexual assault law
The Food Crisis and Women in the Global South

July 2009, Issue 1

Iranian feminist Shadi Sadr kidnapped
AP NGO Forum on Beijing+15: A Note on Parallel Workshop Sessions
Conundrum on Community Radios in Thailand
Not Yet Developed: The Other Stories of the Urumqi Riots
Inseparable: The Crucial Role of Women in Food Security Revisited
12 Years After: Still No Shortcut to Food Security

June 2009, Double Issue

Media as a Magnifying Glass in Iran
APWW tackles strong links between media and feminist advocacies
Chinese Women's NGOs Conference Heralds Beijing+15 Campaign
High Diplomacy and Fragile Consensus Limit UN to Development Cooperation
We are all Honduras, We resist!

May 2009, Issue 2 (PDF)

Asia Pacific NGO Forum on Beijing +15
Still a Suspense in India’s Exciting Elections
A Valley of Tears in Pakistan
The Mirror that is Mexico on Influenza A (H1N1)
Communicating Change: Yet Another Important but Ignored BFPA Item
Call for Applications: Women Making Airwaves for Peace (WMAP)

May 2009, Issue 1 (PDF)

More to Demand towards Beijing +15
Enough is Enough, Its Time for UN to Act Immediately
Still Burning Embers in Sri Lanka
IDPs in Southern Philippines: More Scared for Life than Hungry for Food
New WIA Issue Out Now: Harvest Reaped but Hard to Reach: The Food Crisis and Women in the Global South
“Painless” Universal Internet Access Proposed in RP

April 2009, Issue 2 (PDF)

Reject Transphobia, Respect Gender Identity
Unending Escape for Survival in Sri Lanka
When the Reds had their turn in Thailand
Urgent Need to Ensure Developing Countries Have Fair Access to Influenza Anti-virals and Vaccines
Subic Rape Case: Indeed A Nightmare in US-RP Military Relations
In 100 days, Obama scored big for women of colour
WACC Statement on World Press Freedom Day

April 2009, Issue 1(PDF)

Fijian Media: Groping in the Dark
Thai engineer gets 10 year-jail term under lese majeste laws
Charlotte Bunch on UN and VAW
In Gaza, Policewomen Get Back to Starting Out
Timor-Leste: Gently combating harmful childbirth traditions

March 2009, Issue 2 (PDF)

Degrees towards Destruction: Women and Climate Justice
Food Sovereignty: Reiterating the Right to Food
Baffling: New Twist in the Subic Rape Case May Renew RP-US Military Agreement
Pursuit of the Past: Afghanistan’s New Law Allows Marital Rape
End Ban on Opposition Papers: Two Newspapers Shut Down Ahead of Elections
AMARC condemns the attack on Community Radio Mukti in Nepal

March 2009, Issue 1 (PDF)

53rd CSW comes to an end, notes culture of care-giving
Staying Alive: Reproductive Health Bill in the Philippines
IWD 2009: Women at every turn
Yet Again - Web Crackdown in Thailand
Pakistan's airwaves: On militant turf, Radio Khyber offers a softer voice
Israel Elections: Chances for Peace in a Poll during Conflict?
The Monrovia Declaration

February 2009, Issue 2

Partnerships between Women and Men at the 53rd CSW
Building a United Nations that Really Works for All Women
Gender Equality in Community Radio has many Languages
Airing Angsts and Alternatives: Women Speak on the Global Crises
Eyeing Breastfeeding in Emergencies: WABA launches photography contest
Surfacing Women’s Stories of Living a Life of Peace despite Conflicts
Truth at the Dictates of War: Displaced Civilians Accused and Hurt by Soldiers in Southern Philippines

February 2009, Issue 1

Deliberately Vague Verdict: Iranian feminists call for Alieh's immediate release
In Marks and Brackets: Philippine solons debate on Magna Carta of Women
Declaration of the Women's Assembly at the World Social Forum 2009
Stifling Air in the Valley: Jordan rejects license for women's and 12 other community radios
Perusing Progress, Asserting Accountabilities: UNIFEM's /Progress of the World's Women 2008/2009/
Declaration of the Social Movements' Assembly at the World Social Forum 2009

January 2009, Issue 2

Obama: A Great Leap Forward for Southern Women?
Development alternatives from a gender and south perspective
Beyond China's Sanlu Verdict: Strain of Capitalism
“Wipe out WEF,” Swiss activists say despite violent dispersal
A novel wedding ceremony challenges the conventional culture in rural China
Israel lifts ban on foreign journalists into Gaza

January 2009, Issue 1

Feminist Dialogues 2009 at WSF
Feminist journalist and activist killed, VAW still nebulous in Nepal
Lese majeste invading Thai cyberspace
AMARC at WSF 2009: Broadcasting from Belem to the World
Harsh War in Gaza, Harder Times for Women
A Time for Peace, A Time for Women





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