Documenting feminist visions. Creating critical communications. Strengthening social movements.

That's what Isis International is about, inspired by the Egyptian goddess Isis, symbolizing creativity, knowledge, and women's power. We produced one of the longest running International feminist publications, Women in Action, and today we continue that work online.

We want to create a curated platform where many more women passionate about feminist movement building can share news, views, photos and art.
 Our site is this platform and we’re looking for women like you: artists, creatives, activists, feminists. A space for you to share the actions you're taking and your visions for an inclusive, caring and just world.

We want to collaborate with all of you diverse women from across Asia and the Pacific. We want to share your lived experiences and insightful analyses. Stories from community and movement building. Stories that draw on cutting edge theory, current events, media and culture. Stories from the grassroots to the halls of the UN and all the other spaces where feminists are working towards human rights, development and social justice.

Interested? Join us! Share your blog posts, videos, podcasts, photos, cartoons, memes, and news to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or email us to take part in our next online meet.

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