Isis International expresses solidarity with partners working on the ground

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Since the devastating earthquake that shook Nepal on April 25th, country organisations have been working to recoup and provide much needed relief to their communities. Women are playing a key role in mobilising and rebuilding their communities, and through their relief activities are responding to particular risks women face during disasters and even as relief efforts take place, such as sanitation and hygiene needs, threats to their personal safety and violence.

Isis International expresses our solidarity with the people of Nepal, Activist School alumni, and organisations working on the ground including Isis International's partners for as long as two decades: Saathi, Beyond Beijing Committee and the World Association of Community Radio Broadcasters (AMARC). Support these organisations that are responding to the needs of women and children, as well as those using media and communications tools to support the needs of survivors.

Support Women and Children Survivors of Nepal Earthquake


Women at a Saathi's shelter - pregnant, lactating, burnt, physically and mentally injured and yet coping strongly in the makeshift sheds. Source: We at Saathi Nepal.

Saathi is a Nepali NGO that address the challenges faced by Nepali women, with a focus on violence against women and children. Their relief work is focused on providing emergency response to gender based violence survivors in the aftermath of the earthquake including immediate counselling, temporary shelter support for children and homeless pregnant or lactating women. They are accepting funds as well as donations of tents, mattresses, blankets, clothes, first aid kits, and delivery kits.

Nepal Investment Bank Limited
Account Name: Saathi-2
Account No-01701030034159
Branch-Kalimati Branch
Swift code-NIBL NPKT

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Provide for the reproductive health of earthquake affected women


Beyond Beijing Committee arranging sanitary napkins, panties, soap, towel etc to earthquake affected women of Lalitpur and Bhaktapur district. Source: Beyond Beijing Committee.

Beyond Beijing Committee's network members are calling for the provision of much needed menstrual hygiene and sanitation packages to women and adolescent girls in relief packages including sanitary napkins, sanitizers and underwear. Even paper bags are needed for the sanitary disposal of menstrual hygiene napkins. Beyond Beijing Committee's members are providing relief packages including these items as well as other essential items such water purifiers, food and clothes for infants, adolescent girls and women including women who have very recently given birth. They also provide education to reproductive age women on reproductive health.

Himalayan Bank Limited
Pulchowk, Lalitpur, Nepal
P.O. Box No: 201551
Account Name: Beyond Beijing Committee
Account Number: 006-00350700018

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Help to rebuild community radios in Nepal

Nepal radioGhorka02 29042015

Radio Sindhu and Radio Gorkha were damaged by the earthquake. ©ACORAB, AMARC Asia-Pacific

AMARC has staff from their Asia Pacific office on the ground and working with the Association of Community Broadcasters Nepal (ACORAB) to assess the status of community radios that have been damaged in some of the most severely impacted districts. More than a hundred radio stations in 30 districts have been affected and are in need of urgent help. These community radios are deeply rooted in their communities and when restored are a powerful tool for disaster relief, providing a key focal point for the population to access information about the services they need in their own languages. Funds are being raised to help restore services, and rebuild and repair stations.

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Contact: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. | 514 982-0351


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