by Lilian and Betania of the Feminist Dialogs.
(summary translation of the interview)

On the question what was her impression of this WSF, Lilian Celiberti responded:
This forum had two very contradictory faces. On one side there is the strong and very active African Participation, many women, youth and other organizations.
And on the other side there is the very poor logistical organization. A dialog needs certain preconditions such as venues and translation. Otherwise it is impossible to share, exchange and enrich each other. To organize a WSF means to provide the space that the different struggles of the world can come together. These preconditions were not given in this WSF.

World Social Forum Dakar 2011

Speeches from the Inter-Mouvement Feminist Dialogues
on February 8 at the WSF 2011 in Dakar, Senegal

Feminist from Europe, Latin America and Asia debated over the challenges and diversification of the women's movement: The need to integrate indigenous women and women of African decent and to fundamentaly address the question of domestic work that is liberating a few and pushing poor women into the informal sector.
Speeches in Spanish with written summary in English.

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